Industries and Applications

SpeechFoundry voice solutions run in a wide variety of industries in different applications. See here for a list of our business partners.

Public Transportation

Our noise-robust voice solutions provide multi-lingual guidance about train connections and nearby points of interest to tourists in noisy Tokyo metro stations.


We build embedded voice solutions for cars with high accuracy and wide domain coverage where other vendors require internet connection to “hybrid” voice servers. If required our solutions can easily be duplicated on or partially moved to servers – SpeechFoundry is the only commercial voice product with identical embedded and connected architectures, which makes porting between both worlds really easy.


SpeechFoundry Voice Transcription produces high accuracy text subtitles for television news shows and other live programming in real time.

Call Centers

Let automated voice agents handle the bulk of typical customer calls to your call centers by recognising and emulating dialogs that are currently handled by expensive human agents.

Smartphone Apps

Clumsy fingers are replaced by elegant voice commands for smoother control of any app running in iOS™ or Android™ smartphone environments.


Parliamentary sessions, speeches, panel discussions … listening to hours of lengthy talk is any journalist’s daily tedious routine. SpeechFoundry Voice Transcription listens for you instead, briefing you in real-time with easily searchable and formatted text transcripts of everything that was said and alerting you immediately by SMS when key words or phrases defined by you are uttered.

Language Learning

Non-native speakers can test and improve their pronunciation of words and sentences in a new language by having an Inferret voice solution recognise and score their pronunciation.

Insurance and Accidents

In car fender-benders, move descriptions and assessment of damages and the formatting of the report to a voice dialog so you won’t need to take your eyes off the damaged vehicle anymore to fill out forms in paper or on your tablet.


We customize language models with data and key words and phrases characteristic for a specific medical domain so that doctor and patient reports can be dictated and searched automatically.

InternetOfThings / Household Electronics

Lights, air conditioning, refrigerator – replace the need to touch switches and keyboards with your dirty and busy hands for any device in your household by just telling your device what to do. Again, this works both embedded and connected, and you can easily switch between the two environments.

Acoustic Quality Monitoring

Even problems have “voices”: Identify problems in your products and processes by the way they sound. See more here.