Welcome To A World Of Voice

Voice and language are what makes us human: Humans don’t communicate with each other using touch screens and keyboards – humans just speak to each other. In recent years, artificial intelligence has finally managed to enable computers to understand what humans say. Inferret is one of the leading suppliers of voice recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies. Let us show you how understanding voice makes your business more human.


From embedded to cloud solutions, Inferret’s own SpeechFoundry™ voice recognition solutions run anywhere. We provide minimum-latency, lightning-fast recognition for interactive voice response in automotive and mobile environments as well as high-volume, high accuracy speech recognition for batch processing call center conversations and compliance scenarios. Have your device understand the meaning of what was said with our context-based language analysis technology, and have the device talk back to the user, so you can design full dialogs between human user and machines and manage even complex tasks by voice. Provide your global users with solutions that speak their language, in English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and many more.


We are good at listening. Not every customer needs to do the same thing with voice. Commercial voice recognition is a new exciting technology that has you ask a lot of questions.  We will explain everything from scratch to you, so we can find out together how to best customize speech and language technology to your specific requirements, preferences and limitations. We have a deep track record of building successful solutions for a number of 3rd party voice environments like Nuance™’s embedded Vocon™ suite, or accessing your device by the Amazon™ Echo™ voice assistant. Or you leave everything up to us: just upload your amount of audio and video files to our dedicated servers – the transcriptions will be emailed back to you almost instantly.


Understanding voice makes your tasks easier almost everywhere in society. Our team has successfully deployed voice applications to a large variety of industries: multi-language small-footprint solutions for automotive, automatic subtitles for TV, voice guidance for public transport users in noisy train stations, concise intent analysis of huge amounts of call center recordings, replacing clumsy fingers with voice support in smartphone apps, and even a real-time transcription service of Japanese Parliament sessions.